"If I still used drugs I would take Derrick Brown's poetry, cook it up in a spoon and shoot it right into my fucking arm”

Matthew Dickman, Mayakovsky's Revolver

Derrick C. Brown is a renowned poet, comedian and former Paratrooper. His album, 'A Close Shave with Heaven' earned him Paste Magazine's '2023 Album of the Year.' Winner of the Texas Book of The Year award for Poetry, owner and president of the esteemed Write Bloody Publishing, hailed by Forbes and Filter Magazine as one of the nation's premier independent poetry presses, he has authored ten poetry books and four children's books. Brown's impact on literature is undeniable. He's graced stages worldwide, from Glastonbury to The Tonight Show, and collaborates with comedians like Kristin Schaal, David Cross, and Eugene Mirman.

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