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Brown Poetry

Hello. It Doesn't Matter.

Hello. It Doesn't Matter.

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Praised and celebrated throughout the poetry underground, Brown has honed his craft to perfection, and with "Hello. It Doesn't Matter.", he takes us on a breathtaking rollercoaster ride of emotions, humor and economical power.

In this extraordinary collection, Brown's words explode like short bursts of dazzling light. His dark humor adds an electrifying edge, leaving you turning pages for more. And when it comes to delving into the depths of sorrow and the heights of rising triumphs, Derrick C. Brown is a accessible guide.

Derrick C. Brown has been hailed as our modern-day Neruda, and once you enter the world of "Hello. It Doesn't Matter.", you'll quickly understand why. His words possess a rare potency, striking the core of your soul with each line, making him the unrivaled king of the fast gut punch and a true champion of unforgettable lines.

"Hello. It Doesn't Matter." is a masterclass in poetic precision.

If you crave a book that dares to push boundaries and speak directly to the very essence of what it means to be an awkward human, then Derrick C. Brown's "Hello. It Doesn't Matter." is an absolute must-read. Immerse yourself in the beauty, and let this book change the way you perceive poetry forever.

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