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Brown Poetry

How the Body Works the Dark

How the Body Works the Dark

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How The Body Works The Dark is an exhilarating poetic experience that combines the sensuality of Pablo Neruda and the wit of Richard Brautigan, "How the Body Works the Dark: New and Revised Poems" by Derrick C. Brown is an absolute must-have for the adventurous poetry fan.

This is a collection that delves fearlessly into the realms of eroticism, darkness, and humor, weaving a quilt of emotions that will leave you craving more. Brown's words hold the power to ignite your senses and transport you to a world where passion, madness and poetry intertwine.

These haunting, funny, and sensual poems will resonate with those desperate and ready to be wrecked readers. The seamless integration of new and revised poems elevates the entire book, making it an immersive journey that flows from page to page.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Derrick C. Brown's "How the Body Works the Dark." Whether you're a seasoned poetry lover or a newcomer to the genre, this collection promises to captivate and delight, leaving you yearning for more of Brown's guidance.

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