John Wilkes Kissing Booth
From Velvet Blue Music: The JWKB crafted indie rock songs with a more intense feeling without being easily categorized. The band was short lived and only made it through a couple national tours, but they left us with a great record. Jason Boesel would move on to play in Rilo Kiley, and Derrick would move on do to more poetry, and open for the likes of Cold War Kids and Flaming Lips. He also appeared on The Jay Leno Show! This band is pretty emo!

All Black Cinema 
The cinema goes dark and a slightly less emo band is born. "i can not write the love songs" and "Everyone Dies, Everything Blows Up" is the hit for these tenderonies, Jason Donnell and Derrick C. Brown.

Night Reports
In late 2009, during a pre-dawn drive to JFK Airport, Derrick Brown and Beau Jennings decided to form a musical project beyond the typical band. They knew it had to be dark, sometimes rowdy, and they knew there would be a theme. The project wasn’t a total surprise – Beau had provided musical accompaniment to Derrick’s spoken word sets for years, and both had toured the country together while fronting their own bands (Derrick with John Wilkes Kissing Booth; Beau with Cheyenne). But the decision to start a new project together also wasn’t one to likely get off the ground anytime soon, given each other’s multiple creative pursuits and, oh yeah – Beau lived in Brooklyn NY, Derrick in Long Beach, CA.

Things indeed started slowly, first with only the most basic instrumental and vocal ideas traded as mp3s via email. Then there were fully formed acapella songs left as voicemails with Dodgers' games buzzing in the background. The goal was spontaneous inspiration captured immediately. Beau began for the first time to write music solely on piano, and Derrick began to write lyrics about a haunted baseball player whose ghost wouldn’t leave his bat until he broke it.

Country songstress Samantha Crain croons a duet on "Hang On Me Darlin'" and Beau’s first true production effort was then handed over to Derrick’s old buddy and musical wizard Richard Swift (Secretly Canadian) for final mixing and mastering. RIP Richard Swift. 

Spring Hill Spider Party
This is the absolutely dumbest band you will ever listen to. Their debut EP, Guitars are Dumb, was followed up with a rousing full length studio album called Three Swords and a Gash. This four piece dance-a-thon was born and died in Nashville, Tennessee.