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Brown Poetry

Our Poison Horse

Our Poison Horse

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Derrick C. Brown's reputation as one of America's most touring and well-traveled living poets precedes him, and he has dedicated his entire writing career to changing minds about poetry through unforgettable live experiences. With "Our Poison Horse," he brings forth a poetic masterpiece that touches on more autobiography, diving into real events that shaped and transformed him.

Step into the extraordinary world of poetry with "Our Poison Horse," the latest captivating collection from award-winning poet Derrick C. Brown. Renowned as the recipient of the esteemed Texas Book of The Year Prize in 2013, Brown's work has been hailed by The New York Times as a rekindling of faith in the shocking, weird, and beautiful power of words. With such high praise, it's no wonder poetry enthusiasts are eagerly adding this book to their must-read list.

Sparked by Brown's remarkable journey from living on the ship, The Sea Section, to his quest for an affordable city with a vibrant writer's community, leading him to the heart of Austin, Texas. Yet, even amidst the city's intensity, he found solace in the nearby countryside of Elgin, where nature's beauty and unpredictability stirred new work, giving birth to this profoundly personal collection.

As you immerse yourself in Brown's evocative verses, you'll encounter poignant reflections on love, loss, and the extraordinary healing power of trust. Witness the heart-rending tale of Lacey, the poisoned horse that profoundly affected Derrick, this is some of his most profound work to date.

If you seek poetry with a southern bent, a haunted American gothic feel, "Our Poison Horse" is an absolute must-have for your poetry collection.

Grab your copy today and embark on a poetic journey like no other.

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