Write Bloody Publishing

Write Bloody Publishing was started in 2004 by traveling poet and former paratrooper, Derrick C. Brown.

After spending the mid 1990s and early 2000s book touring throughout Europe and the U.S., Brown realized the untapped potential in the contemporary poetry market for authors who were hitting the road reading in bars, theaters and clubs. Authors had to learn the art of building fan-bases by putting on entertaining readings.

Brown was seeing young, smart, page savvy poets, prose writers and poetry performers sell out shows, with only self-published, junky looking chapbooks available for sale. It seemed ridiculous and fateful that publishing houses — both mainstream or independent — hadn't signed on some of the best known- hardest working touring authors on the scene today.

Brown envisioned a publishing house that celebrated touring authors, a press that would give gorgeous, modern, ISBN-kissed books to those hard-working authors who rocked stages, crashed on couches and slept in vans.  It also had to take only the best authors and market them to the world with a solid distribution plan.

This has been the guiding philosophy of Write Bloody: Let the poets and authors who tour be the marketing; let this publishing house be the source for a movement.

To learn more, visit writebloody.com