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Wine bars: Covell, Tabula Rasa, The small back bar at Bar Stella, Bandini

Cocktails: The Edmon

Escape Rooms: The Basement, Labrat, Red Giant, The Orphanage

See a small rock show: Golddiggers, The echo

See a big rock show, The greek, The wiltern, The fonda

Weirdness: Bob Bakers Marionettes

Hike: Ferndell into griffith park.

Sushi: Sugarfish

Date night food and Bidet: Paley

Weird but beautiful bar: Good Times at davey Waynes, No Vacancy

Nice Restaurants: Atrium, The Wallace, N/Naka, Tsubaki, Gwen for charcuterie

Breakfast Sammy and coffee: Division 3

Breakfast: Republique,

Easy going great food: Bledsoes bbq, Jewel, Home State tacos

Bookstore: Skylight books


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