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ABOUT THE CITY: This is my favorite place I’ve ever vacationed to. It feels like what San Francisco could have been without the tech boom. In fact, their bridge, Ponte 25 de Abril, is based on the Golden Gate.

DAY 1.

Get some killer food out of the way. Go visit the Time Out Market and try this: You and your partner will have a three course meal. Each of you wanders the huge Time Out Market and each of you secretly chooses a drink and an appetizer. Then a main course. Then a dessert. My gal and I ate so many different types of amazing food. We slept for 4 hours after. We woke around 4pm and roamed the docks at sunset. We ate at Agua Pela Barba. This is one of the best meals of my life. Have you ever ordered your meal and then ordered it again and wept like a sucker? I did. We went back here every night. This is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. Creative seafood that is subtle and fresh. Blew my mind. I will come back to Lisbon just for this restaurant.

DAY 2.

Snack and caffeine up at Benjamin Coffee House. Take a yellow trolley up a hill. Stroll the Belém waterfront. I heard the cable cars going over the water are a great place to kiss kiss kiss! PASSEIO DAS TÁGIDES. Find an escape room called The Escape Hunt Experience. Ask to do the room where you hunt for the poet Pessoa. (It’s called “Os Mistérios de Fernando Pessoa,” or in English, “The Mysteries of Fernando Pessoa.”) This of course hit close to home.

DAY 3.

Breakfast at Cafe de Finca. Rent a GoCar—a little yellow two-person moped where you sit side by side like a convertible car, a very small convertible that putts around town. It is fun as hell. Listen to Fado music at night., a type of desperate opera, sometimes sung by drunks, sometimes sung by pros. Cafes listed below.

WHERE TO STAY: Memmo Alfama Hotel or Valverde Hotel. There are also beautiful, verified rooms for 80 bucks a night like this one on Airbnb that we stayed in or this one for 97 bucks!


WHAT TO DO: See Fado at Tasca do Chico or Senhor Vinho. RENT A GOCAR! I heard you must take a day trip to go see the castle of Sintra. Click here for info.


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