Dance Collab


A dance poem choreographed by Sinnamon Hauser, written and sung by Derrick C. Brown JAN/2020

Featuring the music of Grandaddy from the album The Sophtware Slump

With live music by Cardioid and Mono Sources
Video production by Michael Roberts
Video editing boost by Stephen Lewis @perfecttenproductions

About: Is the most beautiful and the most difficult part of being human the burden of consciousness? A humanoid, Jeddy 3, from a distant factory driven planet has a miracle overtake JED and they begin to dream and feel. JED escapes to a rumored heaven called Earth, where the joys of love and the weight of sorrow and noise lead JED to make a decision for a new escape. Based on the band Grandaddy's award-winning album, The Sophtware Slump with new poetry by author Derrick C. Brown.





Words by Derrick C Brown. Choreography by Martin Harriague

Performed in Israel in English and by the Leipziger Baller in Germany.



DEC/ 2014

Words by Derrick C Brown. Choreography by Stephen Shropshire